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As part of the AHRC-funded (OWRI) ‘Language Acts & Worldmaking project’, we are conducting a survey on attitudes towards digital culture and technology in the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), with attention to both theory and practice. We would be very interested to hear about your experiences and invite you to take part in our survey. The survey is aimed at people with any level of digital expertise, and whose work involves Modern Foreign Languages in any role (whether that be as researcher, learner, teacher, funder, policy-maker, digital practitioner, cultural practitioner or other).

For most participants, the survey will take about 15 minutes. For those who have strong involvement in digital theory or practice, you will be offered additional optional questions which might make the survey longer. 

About the Ethics

This survey is part of a research project called ‘Modern Foreign Languages Research: Digital Mediations’ which was submitted to, and approved by, the King’s College Research Ethics committee under its Minimal Ethical Risk Registration Process (REC Reference Number: MR/17/18-280).

Your participation is fully voluntary, and you are under no obligation to participate, but if you choose to be part of the research project, your knowledge and insights shared during the process will be well valued and carefully protected. This study will only be used for academic research, and our findings will be published and presented in various academic and public fora related to our project.

There are no direct benefits from participating in this study, beyond contributing to knowledge. There are no foreseeable risks in participating in the study. The content of this study will be anonymous, strictly confidential and will be held securely or deleted once the research is finished.  Your personal information will also be strictly protected.

You are free to withdraw from the study at any time without explanation or prejudice and to request the destruction of any data that have been gathered from you until 11 June 2018. After this point data will have been anonymised for the purpose of analysis and it will not be possible to withdraw any further data.

We provide a full information sheet regarding the project as a whole for participants, which you can access here

If you wish to withdraw from the study, or have any questions, please contact Paul Spence at

Taking the survey

1.1. By ticking yes I confirm that I have read the information above and give my consent to take part in the survey: Required

Many thanks

Paul Spence and Renata Brandão

King’s College London