Page 1: E-BAME Study Questionnaire (Baseline)

Welcome to the 'Exploring health and well-being in Black and Asian Minority Ethnicities and faith groups during COVID-19' online survey

The department of Old Age Psychiatry at King’s College London (KCL) are working towards exploring health and wellbeing in Black and Asian Minority Ethnicities and faiths groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This research will help to understand the impact of COVID-19 and the health needs within Black, Asian and minority communities and faith groups. The study will help to explore ways to better improve health and well-being within the community pre and post pandemic​ and will enable us to answer relevant questions to shape health service use and research to benefit across communities.

Before starting the online survey you will be provided with the survey information sheet and consent form. Please ensure you read through the information sheet and complete the form titled E-BAME Study Consent Form carefully. Please note that participation within this study will only require the completion of online surveys.

Eligibility: Must be aged 40 and above

If you have any questions please email