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Before proceeding, please carefully read the Data Protection Statement. By proceeding and submitting an application for the King's Factor you are agreeing to your data being used as outlined below:

Data Protection Statement

We are the Department of Mathematics and the Natural & Mathematical Sciences Faculty External Relations team, both parts of King’s College London. If you need to contact us about this privacy notice, please write to Jon Millwood (

We use your personal information in order to process applications for the King’s Factor programme. Data protection legislation allows us to use your personal information in this way because it is required to deliver an agreement (or ‘contract’) we have with you. You must provide the personal information requested by our agreement. If you do not, you will not be able to complete your application or enrol on the King’s Factor programme. We will keep your information until completion of your programme with the King’s Factor plus one academic year in, accordance with the King’s College London Data Retention Schedule.

Following this period, we may retain your personal information as it is in our legitimate interest. This processing of your data is a crucial part of the evaluation process to assess the value and effectiveness of the activities we offer. Your data will be used to plan and produce activities that are fit for purpose, to ensure that we are working with and targeting the right types of students, to monitor participation and ensure we can offer contextualised admissions, and to evaluate and report on the effectiveness and impact of our widening participation work. We will not share your information with any external organisations. On rare occasions, we may be required or permitted to share personal information by law (e.g. for law enforcement purposes).

To find out more about how the university deals with your personal information, including your rights and who to contact if you have a concern, please see the university’s core privacy notice at:

Your personal information will not be transferred outside of the UK or EEA, and it will not be used for automated decision-making.