Page 1: Guidance For Completing This Form

This form will close at 5pm on 27/01/2023. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Prospective supervisors should note that:

  • LISS studentships are highly competitive and only excellent applications with a good chance of success in the competition should be supported.  
  • LISS DTP supervisors are expected to contribute to the DTP's training and events programme through participation in Pathways or contributing training.
  • If the student is an international student, the LISS studentship will cover only home fees.  The difference between the home and international fee will need to be found from another source, which might include the student, their home institution or department/school or another organisation.

Once you start this online form, data you enter WILL NOT be saved unless you click the ‘Finish later’ link at the bottom of the form page where you are working. If you click on the ‘Finish later’ link (at the bottom of each form page) you will be taken to a page giving the application form’s closing date and a ‘finish later’ URL. You can use this URL to return to the application at the page on which you clicked the ‘Finish later’ link.  

You can either bookmark the URL in your browser, or ask for the URL to be emailed to you. It is your responsibility to accurately enter your email address or bookmark the ‘finish later’ link to be able to resume the survey. LISS DTP cannot reunite you with your unfinished application if you have lost your ‘Finish later’ link.

Because of these limitations with our form, we STRONGLY recommend that you download a PDF document available here which lists all the questions that will be asked on the form and any character restrictions on answers. (Dividing the number of characters by 5 gives an approximation of the number of words, so 1000 characters is roughly 200 words.) We advise that you prepare you answers in advance then simply copy/paste them into the online form to minimise the risk of lost responses/forms.  

Please ensure that this form is submitted by 17:00 GMT on Friday 27th January 2023.