Page 1: LISS DTP CASE studentships - Application form for prospective project supervisors

Welcome to the LISS DTP CASE project application form! This is the 2019-20 competition, for studentships with start dates of October 2020. 

Please note: this form SHOULD NOT be filled out by prospective students interested in funding. This form is for academics working within one of the three LISS DTP partner institutions- King's College London, Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London- who would like to propose a studentship project involving significant collaboration with a non-academic/non-HEI partner(s).

Academics proposing a CASE studentship may name a prospective candidate for their award, who will be assessed if the project is successfully funded. This is optional and not listing a candidate doesn't count against an application. Candidates must be approved by a LISS DTP review panel, which will assess their academic and professional credentials and existing core research methods training to ensure they meet ESRC standards. To be successful, studentship candidates must also be accepted onto a relevant Master's or Doctoral programme for their area of study, chosen by the project academic supervisor. This section of the application form can be left blank if there is no potential candidate for the award; advertising and interviews for the studentship can be organised after successful CASE studentships are announced.

This online application form must be submitted by 23:59 GMT, 11 November 2019. The LISS team also require the following items by email (to, due by the same deadline) to consider an application complete:

1) a signed letter of support on headed paper from your proposed non-HEI partner. 

2) a CV for your proposed studentship candidate (if you have one you would like to appoint to the post).

3) a signed letter of support from your head of department/institute or equivalent.