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LISS DTP students should complete this form to apply for an internship/placement. This internship application can be for:

(A) LISS DTP Funded Extension

In cases where the internship host is not providing funding for your placement, you can apply for a LISS DTP funded internship. Internship extensions can be for up to 13 weeks (65 days); this can be taken as a block or spread over a number of months on a part-time basis e.g. one or two days a week. In addition to your stipend being paid during the internship, your studentship it will be extended by an equivalent period at the end of your original funding end date.

(B) Externally Funded Internship

If you are offered a full-time paid internship, you must interrupt your studentship and studies for the internship period. A suspension involves stopping your studentship payments for the duration of the internship, and also delays your submission deadline.

(C) A LISS DTP Research Assistant Internship

This will be a funded extension, following the same format as option (A) above.

Please Note:

  • Internship extensions (A, C) or interruptions (B) can be up to 13 weeks and are designed to allow LISS DTP-funded students to develop a sharper sense of the wider non-academic relevance of their research as well as professional and transferable workplace skills in line with the Vitae Researcher Development Framework.
  • Placements may also build expertise in knowledge co-generation, where research questions, analytical frameworks and knowledge exchange processes are co-designed with academic and practitioner input.
  • If you are applying for the Internship Extension (A, C), be aware that as your stipend will continue to be paid while you undertake the internship, this also means that you will be able to develop collaborative and networking opportunities with employers who might not otherwise be able to pay for your time.

Application Notes:

Applications (other than for Research Assistant Internships) must be approved at least 3 months BEFORE the start date of the Internship, whether externally funded, or LISS DTP funded

Reviewing Internship Applications:

Internship applications will be reviewed on the first working Monday of January, April, June and October each year. Decisions on internship applications will take up to 2 weeks to announce, depending on volume of applications. 

Outcomes will be communicated by  LISS DTP reserves the right to limit reviewing out-of-cycle review requests, students should plan appropriately and submit their application for funding within the quarterly review periods.

Applications for Research Assistant Internships will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Although the 3- month notice period does not apply to RA Internships, students are encouraged to seek supervisor approval and put arrangements in place several weeks before the commencement of the internship.

Students are required to submit a report at the end of the Internship.

Specify the Department/School or other Academic Unit (Institute, etc) where you are registered as a student

Enter the date your PhD studies commenced, or, for 1+3 students applying for an extension to occur after you complete your masters year, the date your PhD studies will commence. Note this is not necessarily the date your PhD studentship commenced if you were awarded funding after you began your studies. 

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


Enter the date your stipend is currently projected to end. For full time +3 students starting Oct. 1, 2017, this will be Sept. 30, 2020, but of course this will vary if your initial award was for a different duration, if you are studying part-time, if you have interrupted your studies, or if you have already received another stipend extension under a different scheme. Consult with LISS DTP admin staff to confirm the exact date if you are uncertain.

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


Indicate your current target submission date. This must be within 48 months of the start date of your PhD for full time students. This date should be the same date confirmed by your supervisor in their support statement.

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.


Name the supervisor who is supporting your application - does not need to be the official 'primary' supervisor, but they must be named as a supervisor in our files. Format: FirstName LastName, e.g. Linnaea Stockall

Please provide the partner organisation's details including the name and complete contact details of the main contact, and of the main administrative support person or team you have been dealing with (email, work address, phone numbers). Copy and paste them here, but also include links to the critical pages (eg. the webpage of the main contact and the webpage of the organisation). Make it clear who you have been dealing with, and in what capacity.

Provide a complete job description here. What will you be doing in your internship? This text may come from the organisation offering the internship. 

If no pre-existing job description for your internship exists, you and your internship supervisor will need to write one. Be explicit about exactly what the role will entail, both in terms of what the organisation expects of you, and what you are entitled to expect (e.g. training, supervision, access to resources, etc).

If you have been offered an Internship paid by the host organisation, include the salary and any other financial benefits you will be paid.

Include the start and end dates of the internship plus the total number of weeks this equates to.

13.13. Is this a paid internship? Required

If you are offered a paid internship, you will most likely need to suspend your studentship for its duration.

Please insert amounts and brief identifiers (e.g. 'daily return travel to Reading') here.

Some funding may be available to support travel costs to/from the host organisation.Other costs which will enable students to undertake the internship will be considered, but only where they are over and above usual living costs. Any travel or resources required to undertake tasks on behalf of the host organisation should be provided by the organisation.

Please provide any explanation or justification for the costs claimed in the preceding question.

Please write a statement in support of your Internship Extension application, describing:

-the purpose of the internship;

-your intended work plan for the internship;

-how it relates to your doctoral research;

-how this internship will support your professional development

-Knowledge Exchange goals

-and the likely outcomes

Also address how you will manage the disruption to your studies. We would not normally expect that you will continue with research, training, supervisory or dissemination activities during an internship (which will be a full time job). Make it clear that this is compatible with your plan to submit on time, and to achieve your other goals (eg. publication plans, commitments to projects you are involved in, etc).

Max 1000 words

Ask the supervisor you named above to write a statement of support for your application. Paste the text in this field.

To the Supervisor: Please comment on the relevance of the internship to the student’s development plans and confirm that the student has made sufficient progress that their thesis will still be submitted by the final submission deadline (include this deadline in the statement of support). We would not normally expect the student to continue to make progress with their research, or engage in any research/teaching/dissemination activities during an internship. 

[max 500 words]

You should also forward the email from your supervisor containing the text you paste here to (include: Internship Application support statement in the subject field) for confirmation.

You must include a statement of support from the lead contact(s) at the partner organisation confirming your proposed internship and work plan. Paste the text from this support statement here.

To the Partner: Please confirm your willingness to host the applicant at your organisation, and the terms and conditions of this internship, including: dates, what access to resources you will provide (eg. desk and computer access, travel allowance, training workshops, etc), proposed role at organisation, duties, responsibilities, projects to be undertaken, etc. If the internship will involve the creation of any intellectual property, or involve access to proprietary databases, technology, etc please clarify what rights the applicant will have to make use of this information/property in their academic research.  You should also say if there are any conditions regarding indemnity insurance etc.

You should also forward the email from the partner organisation containing the text you paste here to (include: Internship Application support statement in the subject field) for confirmation. 

Obtain a short, but clear and specific statement of support from your Department, School or Institute's Director of Graduate Studies or equivalent (the title varies widely, but this is the person in your academic unit responsible for oversight of all PGR students - they'll usually be the person who leads your PhD induction, signs off on your annual progression reports, etc).

If your supervisor is also your departmental DGS, please contact LISS DTP ( BEFORE submitting your application for guidance. As with the other support statements, paste the text  from the DGS above, and forward the email from your DGS to The statement should make it clear the DGS is aware of the dates you will be away from your studies, and how this will affect your plans to submit on time.