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LISS DTP students should complete this form to apply to use Overseas Fieldwork (OSFW) funds. To apply for overseas fieldwork funds, please complete the form below a minimum of 3 months in advance of your proposed fieldwork start date.

Contact Dr. Copeland before submitting the form if you are unsure. Please read the +more info guidance for each field below.

Full-time students undertaking the doctoral element of their award are eligible to apply for overseas fieldwork expenses.  Master’s students are not eligible to claim this allowance.  Part-time students can become eligible for an overseas fieldwork grant if they transfer for a fixed period to full-time status for the duration of the fieldwork.

You can only be awarded Overseas Fieldwork funding once during your studentship, and we will only be able to fund costs that are included in the application that is approved, so take the time to be sure all details are correct.

You should only apply for funding to cover expenses that are NOT already covered by your stipend (e.g. your daily transportation and food costs are already covered, and additional accommodation costs should only be requested if it is not practical to sub-let your London accommodations while you are away).

Overseas fieldwork must be an integral part of the PhD and take place during the life of the award. Studentships will not be extended to reflect periods in the field.  Your overseas fieldwork can last for up to 12 months.

Overseas fieldwork expenses CANNOT be used for the following:

  • fieldwork within the UK (RTSG funds should be used towards these costs)
  • trips for purposes other than primary research
  • trips of longer than 12 months (although exceptional cases can be made for up to 18 months)
  • trips during periods of study interruption
  • trips during the final 6 months of the studentship
  • trips during the writing-up period of the studentship
  • overseas conference costs (RTSG funds should be used for these)
  • expenses of a family member accompanying the student
  • trips to areas to which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel.  See

Calculating the value of overseas fieldwork expenses

Given ESRC allocations and our current expectations about how many students will require overseas fieldwork for their projects, we anticipate that allocations for fieldwork could range up to a maximum of £5000.  

Once the allowance has been calculated, it is the student’s responsibility to manage the funds allocated.  If for any reason the fieldwork is abandoned or is unsuccessful and the student returns to the UK early, the fieldwork allowance less any reasonable expenditure already incurred, should be recovered.

Supporting document(s) for your OSFW Application:

In addition to this form, please create a folder containing the following supporting documents:

(A) quotes for all travel/accomodation/etc costs (screen shots from websites are fine)

(B) a detailed budget in .xls or .xlsx format with individual costs and subtotals for each of the categories below (accomodation, travel, transport, research, other)

Upload this folder to your favourite file sharing website (e.g. dropbox) and paste the link to download this folder into your application. Make sure the link works to DOWNLOAD the folder (not share it) before submitting.

Reviewing OSFW Applications:

OSFW Applications are processed quarterly on the first working Monday of January, April, June and October. Decisions will take up to 2 weeks after this deadline for a response to your application. LISS DTP reserves the right to limit reviewing out-of-cycle review requests, students should plan appropriately and submit their application for funding within the quarterly review periods.

NOTE: The administration of funds is different across the 3 partner institutions. You must follow the guidance on expense claims and reimbursement from your home institution, as we are required work within financial regulations of your host institution. If in doubt, contact the LISS DTP Administrator for your Institution for guidance. 

Specify the Department or other Academic Unit (Institute, etc) where you are registered as a student

Name the supervisor who is supporting your application - does not need to be the official 'primary' supervisor, but they must be named as a supervisor in our files. Format: FirstName LastName, e.g. Linnaea Stockall

Convert all values to £. Round up to nearest £5 (eg. if you calculate that you need £352.21, ask for £355).

Given ESRC allocations and our current expectations about how many students will require overseas fieldwork for their projects, we anticipate that allocations for fieldwork will range up to a maximum of £5000. 

Total up all accommodations costs requested - your detailed budget will include the break down, but we need the summary figure here

Add up all travel costs requested - your detailed budget will include the breakdown by trip. 'Travel' = travel to/from your field sites, while 'transport' = local travel at/around your field site.

Include trains, car hire, taxis, etc. This should only include transportation costs that are not equivalent/similar to your transportation costs in London, which are covered by your stipend (daily commuting costs via metro or bus, for example, would not normally be covered by the OSFW fund)

Costs for paying research participants, producing research materials, purchasing necessary kit, accessing necessary resources, etc. Include a detailed breakdown in your budget spreadsheet.

Sum up all other costs not covered by the categories above (eg. Visa costs, vaccination costs, etc)

Paste the link to the dropbox/google drive/onedrive (or equivalent) folder where your excel budget and quotes are located so we can download a copy of the folder.

This date should be the date you anticipate starting your first field work trip. This date should be at least 3 months AFTER the application is submitted. 6 months is better to allow enough time for processing so that you can still purchase affordable travel and accommodations.

This is the date by which you anticipate completing your field work. In the case of multiple trips, this should be the expected end date of the last trip.

If your fieldwork involves multiple sites and/or multiple trips to the same site, provide the details here. If you'll just travel to a single site and be based there for the duration of your fieldwork, you can skip this question.

Please outline what the purpose of the trip(s) is and why it is essential to your research project. Please include an itinerary and costs breakdown specifying travel, accommodation, research costs etc. You will not be able to claim for expenses that are not in your approved budget. (Max 500 words)

Ask the supervisor you named above to write a statement of support for your application. This statement should include confirmation of the ways in which the intended activity will contribute to the doctoral research. (Max 500 words).

You should also forward the email from your supervisor containing the text you paste here to (include: Overseas Fieldwork Application support statement in the subject field) for confirmation.