Guidance for completion

Applications close at 5pm on 27/01/2023. Late applications will not be accepted.

Please refer to when completing this form for further guidance.

Please note that the form is not saved automatically if you navigate away from it.  You need to click on 'Finish later' at the bottom of the form page on which you are working and then use the ‘finish later’ URL provided to return to the form.  Be careful to accurately enter your email address or bookmark the ‘finish later’ link to be able to resume the form.

NOTE: We cannot reunite you with your unfinished form if you have lost your ‘finish later’ link.

We recommend that you prepare your longer answers in a programme such as MS Word and then paste them into this online form.  This will enable you to check character counts where questions have a maximum number of characters.  (As a rough guide, 1000 characters is about 200 words.)

As per the instructions and criteria on our website- you should apply for EITHER a 1+3 OR a +3 studentship. Applying for both studentship formats may result in neither of your applications receiving consideration.

When you have submitted the form:

  • you are offered an opportunity to download a copy (this must be done within 15 minutes of submission)
  • you will receive an automated email which contains your Unique Response Number (URN) for your application submission - please keep a copy of this automatic email.