Digital tools and ethical dilemmas in oral history

This survey is part of my PhD research on digital oral history at King’s College London (United Kingdom). I wish to understand how you currently deal with digital tools and ethical dilemmas in oral history. You are invited to respond if, during your studies or employment, you have already:

  • recorded oral history interviews
  • archived oral history interviews
  • and/or disseminated oral history interviews.

An oral history interview is here defined as an audio or video recording of the memories of people who were eye-witness participants in the events of the past.

This survey is open until the 31st of July 2018. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete (depending on how much you wish to write). At the end, you will be invited to take part in an optional follow-up interview if you are based in the United Kingdom.

Your responses will be anonymous and securely stored in EU-based servers only.

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