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Each Pathway is allocated an initial £5,000 per annum to develop and deliver a range of cohort development activities that are open to students both within and across the pathways.   Additional funding may be provided for activities once the initial allocation has been spent.  Activities may take a variety of forms, including but not limited to workshops, retreats, reading groups or guest lectures. Pathway activities may be organised by LISS funded students or Pathway Leads, but should be approved and submitted by Pathway Leads.  You are encouraged to organise at least one career or employability oriented event each year.

To access your funds, complete the following Pathway Funding Request Form. 

Funding requests will be evaluated fortnightly by the LISS Deputy Director Training starting in September and when approved the funding will be transferred to the account specified.  You must supply a description and registration details to be posted on the LISS website and social media, and generate an attendance list showing how many participants were ESRC funded.

Please note that beyond assisting with publicity, LISS DTP regrets it cannot provide help with administration of the activity.

For any enquiries regarding applications for Pathway Funding please contact 



3.3. Institution of Pathway Lead
5.5. Which Pathway are you affiliated to? Required

Please provide an outline budget: e.g. Event x, date x, expenses for speaker x, catering expenses x, travel costs x, hourly rate for porter, etc

11.11. Agreed by all Academic Leads in your Pathway? Required

Make sure this is an account to which you'll be able to charge all expenses. We can not provide administrative assistance with managing the budget.